Shaking the Planets since 2012


It all started on Planet Earth…

… where DJ Futureboy 5000 has been working on the next big bang (in music).

His sonic laboratory is housing in a tiny spot in the galaxy known as “The Netherlands”. Earthlings mumble his music sounds like a mix between Daft Punk, deadmau5, Super Mario and Star Trek.

After getting his start, and playing gigs for 15 years as a (LOUD!) drummer, Futureboy 5000 understands the theory and sound mechanics behind musical beats and grooves. Electronic Dance Music artists like Daft Punk, Justice, Kavinsky, Knife Party, Savant and The Chemical Brothers provide inspiration as he creates new music.

Futureboy 5000 - Got to Be DrunkIn an effort to merge old and new, Futureboy 5000 also incorporates old movie quotes and low-bitrate computer sounds from classic video game consoles.  This creates an entirely unique retro-futuristic sound which settles in a fast and fun corner of the “indie dance” / EDM universe.  Futureboy 5000 uses the characteristic sounds from the Commodore 64 and Nintendo Entertainment System game computers for the retro portion of his sound, and he mixes this with futuristic dance grooves and melodies.  His unique old-meets-new approach results in a new sound that is reminiscent of Super Mario dancing to Fatboy Slim, or Captain Kirk playing Tetris at a Chemical Brothers concert.

As far as we know, Futureboy 5000 is the only DJ known to make aliens, earthlings, robots, martians, sprites and humanoids shake their booties on the same dance floor.

The striking music video of his first single “Got to Be Drunk” contains a unique blend of sci-fi movie meets Michael Jackson.

His newest video, Life on Mars, contains a fine combination of Japanese Geek Schoolkids and Intergalactic Giant Turtles.

His debut album Rocket Science recently launched to iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

An album release party will be held in a solar system near you, so stay tuned.