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Jingle Bells Bangers by Futureboy 5000      Futureboy 5000 - Rocket Science      Futureboy 5000 - Got to Be Drunk


Jingle Bells Bangers; Space up your Xmas Soundtrack!

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1. Life on Mars

Straight from the Red Planet, now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.


2. Back to the Future

Get all Marty McFly on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.


3. Minibosses

Beat them up on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.


4. Introducing Bert the Turtle

Nice to meet you on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.


5. Duck and Cover

This is very, very important on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.


6. You Lose Control

“Let’s go baby”, to iTunesAmazon and Spotify.


7. What’s the World Coming to

Of Machines and Men on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.


8. Houston We Have a Problem

Space Station in trouble on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.


9. Got to Be Drunk

“The perfect song for a crashed computer” on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.


10. Sending the Wolf

That’s all you had to say on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.


11. Moral Issues

The Nakedness, now on iTunesAmazon and Spotify.